Our Ideas
for the Future

The former REMA TIPTOP AG development facility and WAGU GmbH consolidated at the beginning of 2011 to form the alfa DEVELOPMENT GmbH.
More than 65 years of successful development work in the field of rubber compounds, tyre repair systems and wear and corrosion protection form the fundament of our competence.

Specialists from various departments with their expertise and many years of practical experience are available for the following topics:

  • Analysis/testing of raw materials, preparations and rubber compounds
  • Development/testing of corrosion prevention, lining and coating materials
  • Composites made up of rubber compounds, synthetics, ceramics and metals
  • Tyre technology
  • Technical lubricants for rubber components
  • Adhesives and rubber solutions
  • Damage analysis

Friedrich-Harkort-Straße 17 • 59581 Warstein
Phone +49 (0) 8121 707-10420 • info@alfa-development.de